The club runs the following types of racing:

Starts in October and finishes around the start of March. Racing is on Monday nights and warmup starts at 5:30 with the first race at 6:00pm

Summer Road:
Starts in October and finishes at the end of April. Races start at about 40km for seniors and build to around 80km at the end of the season, for juniors they start at about 20km and build to 40km. Races are sometimes on 1:30pm Saturday afternoons and sometimes on 6:30pm Wednesday evenings.

Winter Road:
Starts in May and runs through to October. Races are around 40km for seniors and 20km for juniors. Most of the races are handicapped starts, with a few mass start and time trial events.

Race Programme:
Check out the Calendar Page to see what local, regional and national races are coming up for both Road and Track.