Track Racing

Race night is Monday and from the first night in mid-October until we finish around the start of March we usually race every night including over the Christmas and New Year period except when those days fall on a Monday. Warmup starts at 5:30 and racing begins at 6:00pm.

New riders are best to start by coming to a training evening, but are welcome to come down and introduce yourself to the riders and officials and watch some racing.

Track Training

Friday night training starts at 5:30. Please be on time, especially if you are wanting to make any changes to your gearing or bike setup. Training sessions typically take about an hour and are more focussed on skills than on fitness.

The club has a number of track bikes that are available for new riders, so feel free to come down and give it a go.

Athletic Park

Athletic Park can be accessed from the end of Brewer Street. Pedestrian/cycle access is available at all times, but locked gates prevent vehicle access other than when the club does not have racing or training.